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Values-based Education

We are promoting a new understanding and framework to help students achieve positive and purposeful lives for themselves and their communities through engaging with values to guide and inform their behaviour.

Our approach offers a new way of thinking about education and how children and young people can be supported to develop to become successful and happy members of society. The Trust has been established from the foundation of successful school practice in values education. its aim is to further this work both nationally and globally in education and in the wider context of society.

Values-based Business

We are helping to develop a new business paradigm in which values take a far more central role in business. The consequence is a better alignment between the interests of business leaders and the societies in which they operate.

Values-based Government

We are helping to develop new understanding and practice of governance and government that better reflects the values of the people in government and the people they govern. We work with a number of local authorities, and are advising at least one central government in this respect.