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Chris Drake has been based in Hong Kong for over twenty years as a lawyer and working with a number of companies. He is also active with several charities/non-profits, most of which concern education, and was the Founding President of the Association for Living Values Education International and a founding member of the Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education. He has presented papers and conducted practical activities at many conferences and professional development workshops for teachers.

Dr. Neil Hawkes is credited for his pioneering values work as Headteacher of West Kidlington School in Oxfordshire, where he worked with the school community to develop a unique system of values-based education that has become well known throughout the world for its positive and transformational properties. Neil now works as an international education consultant, giving inspirational talks and supporting schools and other organisations to be values-based. His latest book is called, From My Heart: transforming lives through values.

Gerald Love, after extensive period of headship in three schools, became an educational adviser and lead officer for 'white underachievement', whilst also working with Muslim and Afro-Caribbean communities in Birmingham Local Authority. More recently, he has been involved in the Learning for Life Poster programme (Scotland) and is supporting this initiative in schools in England. He continues to be an associate adviser with Birmingham and is also a national verifier for the Leading Aspects Award. Gerald is the business manager for the Trust.

Bridget Knight has been headteacher of two schools, one in a deprived area, and one in a rural setting. She has inspired a valuesbased educational philosophy in her schools, and across schools and settings in Herefordshire in her role as the Primary School Improvement Manager. A cornerstone of her work is Pupil Values Conferences which enable pupils to deepen their understanding of values in their communities. She is passionate about the development of a values-based curriculum which enables and promotes philosophical debate and spiritual reflection.

Jane Hawkes is a qualified, experienced and respected psychotherapist. For many years, she worked as an innovative trainer and guidance counsellor, supporting disaffected young people. Jane actively supports the development of Values-based Education worldwide. Her particular professional interests are focused on supporting both adults and children to understand the Inner Curriculum of thoughts and feelings, which is essential when establishing a Values-based school. .


We are honoured to have the following eminent Values Education patrons to support our work.

Professor Mick Waters has a range of career experiences that inform his work. Currently, he works with the schools in the Black Country Challenge in raising standards in the West Midlands. He works with schools in Sheffield in innovative approaches to learning and on several other initiatives to push the boundaries for making learning better. He is also the inaugural president of the Curriculum Foundation, which seeks to promote a voice for the power and potential of the whole curriculum.

Professor Terry Lovat is the Emeritus Professor of Education at The University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. He was the chief investigator of the various research projects that ran out of the Australian Values Education Program, 2003-2010. He is an international presenter on values education and has written many journal articles and several books on the subject.

Professor Sir Tim Brighouse has been an Oxford University graduate, a teacher (in Derbyshire and South Wales); Chief Education Officer for Oxfordshire (1978-1989) and for Birmingham (1993-2002) as well as Professor of Education at Keele University (1989-2003). He has been Commissioner and Chief Adviser for all London Schools, and a visiting Professor at the Institute of Education in London. During his long and commendable career he has written numerous books on education, made media broadcasts as well as offering endless numbers of conference speeches – which he is still doing today. He also holds honorary degrees from a number of British universities, and has, for many years, influenced politicians, the business world and other key strategists and policy makers by championing and voicing the opinions of head teachers having been a practising head himself. At Keele University he founded the “Centre for Successful Schools”. Tim continues to devote time and energy in his pursuit and desire to improve the life chances of young people. In 2009 ,he was knighted in the Queens Honours list for services to education.

Hilary Emery has been a primary teacher, teacher educator and researcher. She has worked for a number of national organisations including the TDA and the Department for Education on teacher education and development, assessment and school improvement. Throughout her career she has had a strong interest in assessment, especially children’s skills in self and peer assessment; and in developing teachers’ understanding of teaching as an evidence informed profession.

Professor Bart McGettrick is Dean of Education at Liverpool Hope University. He is Emeritus Professor of Education and also Dean Emeritus, of the Faculty of Education at the University of Glasgow. He has widespread international experience and is a Regent of Bethlehem University, Palestine and is heavily involved in Christian Education in The Holy Land. He has undertaken work with the First Nations of Canada, and works on projects in India, Lithuania and other challenging settings overseas.

Professor Richard Pring, Prof. of Educational Studies University of Oxford 1989-2003 and Director of the Department; Lead Director of the £1 million Nuffield Review of Education and training for 14-19 Year Olds, 2003-2009. President of the Socialist Education Association of GB. Next book to be published by Routledge: 'The Life and Death of Secondary Education for All'

Dr Ruth Deakin Crick (University of Bristol) has led and directed numerous educational research projects at Bristol University’s Graduate School of Education. She is Director for MSc System Learning & Leadership and, also, a Conjoint Professor at the Australian Institute for Social Inclusion and Well Being at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales. She has written many publications including topics on “student engagement in learning”, ”learning how to learn & active citizenship” and empowering and encouraging teachers to recognise the crucial roles they have as learning facilitators. Ruth is passionate about active citizenship and the importance of individuals taking ownership of their own value systems. She brings a wealth of international experience, having offered keynote presentations in many countries around the world. She also strongly supports the notion of how reliable research can, and should, justifiably influence change for improvements in social well being.

Dr. Bill Jeynes is a Professor of Education at California State University, Long Beach and a Senior Fellow at the Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, New Jersey. He has graduate degrees from Harvard University and the University of Chicago. He graduated first in his class from Harvard University. He has more than 100 academic publications, including 70 articles, 10 books, and 25 book chapters.